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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!


I think everybody knows the famous author Roald Dahl. Today I am going to tell you about one of his books called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Today is a good day to be talking about him because at my school in year 3 it was Roald Dahl day!

The theme in this book is at first sad then happy because Charlie ends up having the happiest day of his life.

Mr Wonka’s inventions are crazy, out of this world but he makes the yummiest sweets of all. He has thought of every single type of sweet right there in his chocolate factory, but no-one has ever seen inside, or even met Mr Wonka!

Little Charlie Bucket can’t believe his luck when he finds a Golden Ticket which will allow him to see Mr Wonka, his factory and have a lifetime supply of sweets!

Little Charlie would have never dreamed of what surprises are in store for him!

I would recommend this book to 8 yrs and over because this is an absolutely fabulous book and I still love to read this book.

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Jessica Watson’s visit to our school!


On Monday 9th August we had an exciting visitor to our school.


She spoke to a K-11 assembly at R.C. 

She was just 16 years of age when she sailed solo around the world unattended for 210 days.  She set sail on Ella’s Pink Lady on 18th October. When she was near Sydney she collided with another boat but kept calm and sailed back into Sydney Harbour. While she was sailing she experienced 3 knock-downs and all she could do was wait until the boat turned around again by itself. The worst part of her time at sea was when she was rounding Tasmania. It was really interesting listening to her telling us about her journey around the world. She told us all about the good and bad times of her journey. Such as –

  • From her whole 210 days at sea she only caught 1 fish-23rd November
  • She had been in treacherous storms
  • How people never said that she couldn’t sail around the world to her face

When she was sailing near Sydney she collided with another boat. She had to stop in Sydney and fix her boat.

Jessica arrived home on the 15th May.

While she was away she wrote a book called “True Sprit” The Aussie Girl who took on the World!

If you want to read more you can visit her blog at

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Emotion Poems



Love is pink.

It tastes like sweet strawberries

and smells like freshly picked roses.

Love looks like a beautiful rainbow.

Love is the tinkling of wind chimes.

It makes my heart jump for joy.

By Mia



Sadness is grey.

It tastes like cold gluggy porridge

and smells of musty, mouldy bread.

Sadness looks like a grey overcast day.

The sound of a mournful cry of a fog horn

Sadness makes me feel heavy.

By Mia


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On Sunday 8th August I saw Wicked at the Capitol Theatre.

My favourite character was Galinda or Glinda (The only difference is Glinda was when she had changed her name and Galinda when she hadn’t). She had very funny lines and pretty costumes.  Galinda is played by Lucy Durack but when I saw it Galinda was played by Erin Hasan who is the Standby for Galinda. Erin Hasan (Galinda) and Ryan Sheppard (Chistery the head monkey) came to speak to the Senior School at R.C (Which is where I go to school). Erin sang the song “Popular” to the Senior School which she sings in Wicked.

I really liked Wicked and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. It is a great musical and is lots of fun to watch. If you don’t watch it you’re missing out on a lot. I could just watch it over and over and over again and I wouldn’t get bored at all. That’s how good a musical it is!!!


P.S. I have just started my blog so please leave a comment.

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